90% of CEOs cite fear as their top source of distress.1

When it comes to application modernization, the challenges IT leaders face can be daunting:

  • Balancing reliability, scalability, and security
  • Managing outdated tech, inefficiencies, and integration complexities
  • Addressing and mitigating open-source vulnerabilities
  • Confronting the prospect of change

of application modernization efforts end in failure.2

How can you practically address these challenges and master fear to maximize results?

Face Your Fears With Confidence

Meet App Modernization IQ

Powered by CAST Highlight, a software intelligence suite, App Modernization IQ empowers you with essential modernization analytics covering software health, cloud optimization, and open-source risk assessment. These insights allow confident decision making to modernize your app portfolio based on facts – not fear.

Why Choose App Modernization IQ?

App Modernization IQ gives your business the advantage of optimized software applications. Streamlining processes, enhancing scalability, and fortifying security empowers your employees to work more efficiently, cultivate strong and satisfying partnerships, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

App Modernization IQ
  • Excessive focus on application maintenance
  • Fear in deploying new features
  • High licensing, vendor, and hardware costs
  • Operational delays and inefficiencies
  • Exposure to legal risk and security vulnerabilities
- WITH -
App Modernization IQ
  • Optimized and resilient applications
  • Improved feature delivery velocity
  • Best-fit services and cloud migration insights
  • Streamlined operations and greater efficiency
  • Enhanced control over legal risks and security vulnerabilities

App Modernization IQ Is Your Answer to Successful Business Transformation

IT leaders face an unprecedented surge in software complexity that leads to overwhelming challenges, limited visibility, and fear-driven decision making. That’s where App Modernization IQ comes in, by helping you navigate complexities with clarity and certainty. Explore the array of benefits offered by App Modernization IQ below.

Optimize Your Business With...

Software Health Insights

  • Optimize maintenance costs and resource allocation
  • Enhance software resiliency with actionable insights
  • Improve software agility for faster changes
  • Minimize technical debt and long-term risks
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Empower Your Business With...

Cloud Migration & Optimization Insights

  • Efficiently plan cloud migration with objective roadmaps
  • Avoid potential issues by visualizing inter-app dependencies
  • Accurately estimate the effort required for cloud migration
  • Overcome migration challenges for a seamless transition to the cloud
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Secure Your Business With...

Open-Source Risk Insights

  • Auto-detect all open-source frameworks and components
  • Effortlessly generate or import a software bill of materials
  • Prioritize applications with Open Source and third-party component risks
  • Automate governance of proprietary components and frameworks
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App Modernization IQ Gives You Everything You Need to Empower Your Business to Thrive

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Empowering Product Teams

Instant insights from product team surveys ensure human-level input and efficient onboarding

code on screen icon
Local Code Scan

Scan apps on premises without externally sharing source code

multi-direction icon
Wide Language Support

Supports more than 40 programming languages, including Java, Python, and C++

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Application Benchmark

Benchmark against more than 10,000 apps based on dimensions like industry and technology

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Continuous Monitoring

Track developments in health, cloud readiness, and open-source safety over time

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Seamless Integration

Connect with CI/CD pipelines and DevOps toolchains through configurable command lines

Special Bonus

The VP of IT’s Guide to Transforming Your Business

When you book an appointment to learn more about App Modernization IQ, you’ll receive a complimentary bonus to kickstart your transformation journey. The VP of IT’s Guide to Transforming Your Business is a comprehensive guide that provides expert insights in four key areas: cloud strategy, data, DevOps, and product development.

Explore how to...

  • Prepare your organization for a cloud transformation
  • Manage data pipelines that are undiscoverable, unreliable, and/or unrepeatable
  • Lay the foundations of data governance and management
  • Deploy production code quickly and reliably
  • Take advantage of modern infrastructure and automation
  • Accelerate time to market with new teams and leadership
  • Align IT teams and stakeholders
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