70% of organizations aren’t sure where their cloud spend goes.1

For many businesses, the allure of cloud was kindled by the promise of cost savings and increased profitability, resulting in a range of migration strategies—some thoughtful, others hasty.

Unfortunately, rapid scaling often outpaces essential strategic insights for efficient FinOps. The pitfalls of overprovisioning include:

  • Excessive costs
  • Diminished efficiency
  • Increased complexity
  • Undermined agility

Imagine a sprawling cloud ecosystem churning out countless resources daily, devoid of meaningful ROI. With a staggering 75% of organizations reporting an upsurge in cloud waste,2 this once-imagined scenario is a disheartening reality, and a pivotal question emerges:

financial data

How can enterprises untangle this web of expenditures day after day, month after month, year after year?

Lose the Cloud Bloat With CloudBolt

Introducing Cloud FinOps IQ

We partner with CloudBolt to offer Cloud FinOps IQ, which provides better visibility into your cloud expenditures to elevate financial responsibility, bolster your governance, and optimize automation. Rather than guessing at your cloud spend, seamlessly navigate cloud complexities and make financial decisions with confidence and reduce cloud waste.

During a four-week engagement, our experts will collaborate with your IT cloud administrators to gather objectives, configure connectors, and employ cost management tooling for in-depth analysis, reporting, and enterprise-scale recommendations. The engagement has minimal impact on product teams to ensure seamless implementation.

Delve into data-driven cost insights, uncover key drivers, and adopt a focused cost optimization plan for streamlined execution and collaborative success to empower your cloud financial mastery.

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Maximize Cost Visibility
cloud icon
Elevate Cloud Management
cloud security icon
Strengthen Security and Governance
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Why Choose Cloud FinOps IQ?

Take control of your cloud journey with Cloud FinOps IQ. Escape the frustrations of elusive ROI, skyrocketing costs, and chaotic environments. Embrace an empowered approach to enable seamless collaboration and informed decision making.

Cloud FinOps IQ
  • Cloud’s promised ROI has not materialized
  • Operating costs are unexpectedly high
  • Environments lack discipline and complexity grows
  • Performance or reliability issues persist
  • Lack of policy and oversight hampers best practices
  • Undefined monitoring, archive, and retirement processes
- WITH -
Cloud FinOps IQ
  • Gain visibility and an unbiased view on current spend
  • Receive optimization and remediation recommendations
  • Monitor deployed resources over time
  • Utilize tool-driven insights to shape FinOps strategy
  • Establish an accelerated baseline for collaboration across engineering, finance, technology, and business teams

Ignite Transformation With...


  • Conduct discovery workshops
  • Define cloud estate scope
  • Configure billing adapters
  • Review security access

Preliminary Deliverables

checklist icon
Obtain IT and security approvals
financial data icon
Collect initial CloudBolt data
presentation icon
Present preliminary findings

Fuel Innovation With...


  • Analyze findings and reports
  • Identify unused assets
  • Optimize instances
  • Enhance automation opportunities
  • Investigate hybrid licensing and reservations
  • Review cloud architecture
data sorting

Preliminary Deliverables

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Engage in collaborative workshops
checklist app icon
Provide status updates and resolve blockers
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Facilitate ongoing findings discussions

Shape Strategy With...


  • Design and plan cost optimization
  • Collaborate on remediation proposals
  • Collect summary reports
  • Create a roadmap for implementation
financial data

Preliminary Deliverables

cost icon
Receive a comprehensive cost optimization plan
money chart icon
Obtain a summary of the past year’s spend
graph icon
Identify cost drivers and trends
flowchart icon
Breakdown of services and cost centers
money savings icon
Gain insights into potential savings
financial document icon
Propose a detailed remediation plan

Erase Cloud Complexity With Comprehensive Benefits

You face increasing cloud complexity, limited insights, and uncertain decisions. Cloud FinOps IQ offers clarity and confidence. Explore its comprehensive benefits.

Special Bonus

The IT Leader’s Guide to Multicloud Readiness

When you schedule a consultation to learn more about Cloud FinOps IQ, you’ll receive a complimentary bonus to empower your FinOps journey. The IT Leader’s Guide to Multicloud Readiness is a comprehensive guide that offers essential insights in key areas for navigating the multicloud landscape, helping you drive innovation and maximize value.

Discover how to...

  • Develop a strategic multicloud approach aligned with business goals
  • Identify the most suitable cloud providers and services for your requirements
  • Optimize costs effectively across multiple cloud platforms
  • Simplify workload deployment and management
  • Maintain utmost reliability for essential applications and services in the multicloud environment
  • Foster collaboration and alignment among IT teams and stakeholders, ensuring successful multicloud adoption
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