Patients are becoming more educated about the medical devices used in their care. Meanwhile, providers are finding it challenging to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Our Commerce-Enabled Patient Experiences solution delivers the right mix of awareness and education no matter what journey your user is on. This integrated experience creates intuitive conversion pathways featuring an ideal product mix based on audience needs and lays a foundation for further engagement through nurture campaigns, product subscription services, and personalized recommendations.

Our solution helps you to
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Better understand your audience’s needs and concerns

  • Primary research
  • Customer experience toolkit: personas, journey maps, and messaging matrix
  • KPI workshop
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Develop a commerce strategy at the intersection of business needs, buyer behaviors, and a technology roadmap

  • Market audit and approach
  • Commere audit
  • Future-state approach
  • Commerce architecture
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Build, launch, and track a commerce site that scales with consumer demand

  • Website creation: information architecture, content audit, design, user testing, development
  • Technology foundations: discovery, design, implementation, operation
  • Data analytics

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Success Story

Empowering Patient Independence With an Enhanced User Experience

We built an optimized commerce experience that clearly and seamlessly guides end users, caregivers, and physicians to the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. This approach not only helps patients and caregivers determine if the product is right for them, but also helps alleviate stress on the customer service team.

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