Whatever your product mix, patient consumers are hungry for information.
Our Guided Selling Commerce Experience solution helps consumers – from end users and caregivers, to providers, pharmacies, and payers – understand how your products can support them and how to select the right product for their needs.

Our solution helps you to:
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Better understand your audience’s needs and concerns

  • Primary research
  • Customer experience toolkit: audience persona and lite journey map
  • KPI workshop
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Strategize a powerful commerce experience

  • Experience audit
  • Future-state workflow, rollout strategy, and approach
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Design, build, launch, and track a digital experience that guides and eases purchasing decisions

  • Platform solution architecture and design
  • Guided Selling Commerce Experience creation: information architecture, content, design, user testing, development

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Success Story

Empowering Patient Independence With an Enhanced User Experience

We built an optimized commerce experience that clearly and seamlessly guides end users, caregivers, and physicians to the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. This approach not only helps patients and caregivers determine if the product is right for them, but also helps alleviate stress on the customer service team.

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