Financial services companies are rushing to implement strategies and technologies to streamline debt collection while also making the process more human and conversational.

Communicating with customers over their preferred digital channels is highly effective in debt repayment. In fact, up to 92% of customers make partial or full payments when firms leverage online and mobile personalization strategies.

Elements of a Digital Debt Collection Transformation

Digital Capabilities

Communication channels, including SMS/text, email, chat, online banking/app alerts, and outbound automated interactive voice response (IVR), can help exceed today’s customer expectations


Design modeling that leverages multi-dimensional risk factors, customer personas, and activity insights to drive optimal strategies


Contact treatment strategies based on customer intelligence data that predict and use targeted behavior risk to deploy activity


Rules-based prescriptive and personalized messaging with call-to-actions and proactive marketing of payment relief offerings

Process Optimization

Process automation and workflow designs that accelerate performance and long-term customer loyalty and retention

Reporting and Analytics

Performance dashboards, predictive analytics, and classification modeling that supports testing, decisions, and competency improvements for holistic transformation

Banks must focus on customers' financial well-being, revamp their collection journeys, and advance their debt management solutions.

- Forrester Research, Inc.

Improve Loan Loss Rates

We can help you plan and drive a digital transformation of your collections function and improve loan loss rates. We do this by leveraging our deep expertise in financial services, customer journey science, multichannel customer engagement, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and process automation.


Develop a digital collections strategy that addresses a future-state customer experience journey and defines a set of required capabilities and investments across people, process, and technology to support that strategy


Recommend and implement technology solutions that integrate into your existing architecture, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, messaging, chat, email, and virtual agents


Create customer journeys, moments of truth, and contact treatment strategies that deliver the right message at the right time to increase your conversion rates and deepen brand loyalty


Design and implement solutions to support data aggregation and analysis, personalization, customer segmentation, and propensity-to-pay models


Define key performance metrics, processes, rewards, skill competencies, and operating models that drive the desired behavior for your collections group

Optimization Strategies to Improve Collections

Success Stories


Identifying Potential Savings With Optimized Debt Collection Activities

Our collection and loss mitigation experts designed and documented a transformational omnichannel collections vision and self-funded roadmap focused on people, processes, and technology.

In addition to identifying $13 million in potential annual savings, the strategy and roadmap enabled the bank to accelerate change and realize quick wins.


Accelerating Performance With an Optimized Collections Workflow Design

We helped a bank create an organizational- and regulatory-compliant contact strategy and develop a process and plan that empowers it to allocate the most appropriate resources to specific collections activities.

The bank is in a position to increase agent productivity by 46% and reduce monthly delinquencies by $3.4 million.

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Financial institutions expect delinquencies and losses to increase significantly once government relief programs end. Now is the time to make sure you have the right people, processes, and technology in place to mitigate the impact.

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