73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable brands.1

The message is clear. Consumers actively seek out businesses that align with their values, especially when it comes to environmental responsibility. When your brand champions sustainability, it's not just noticed–it's rewarded with:

  • Higher Referral Rates: Satisfied customers spread the word about you.
  • Increased Repeat Purchases: Eco-responsible companies foster customer loyalty.

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives take center stage, green software development is emerging as a strategic priority for businesses worldwide. It’s a forward-thinking choice that delivers:

  • Lower Costs: Sustainability streamlines expenses by reducing waste and energy use.
  • Better Performance: Eco-friendly practices optimize operations and performance.
  • Higher Resilience: Embracing sustainability fortifies your business against market disruptions.

of executives think sustainability is important but only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.2

How can you confidently navigate green software initiatives to maximize profitability and sustainability?

Protect the Planet. Propel Your Business.

Make a Difference With Green Impact IQ

Powered by CAST Highlight, a leading software intelligence suite, Perficient’s Green Impact IQ is your key to a more sustainable and profitable future. During this intensive five-week partnership, our strategists, analysts, and architects will collaborate with your organization to evaluate your software’s environmental sustainability. We’ll analyze code quality, resource consumption, and operational efficiency to generate actionable insights. Our focus is on enhancing eco-practices, optimizing performance, and improving your business’s overall Green Impact Score.

Why Choose Green Impact IQ?

Embark on a transformative journey to sustainability, streamlined operations, and a brighter, eco-conscious future.

Green Impact IQ
  • Lost benefits such as improved cost savings and reputation
  • Struggle to identify inefficient code patterns that consume resources
  • Face challenges in optimizing application performance and resilience
  • Experience difficulties in transitioning to the cloud, missing green advantages
  • Struggle to gain insights for prioritizing green portfolio improvements
  • Lack the ability to monitor toward greener software
- WITH -
Green Impact IQ
  • Capitalize on sustainability benefits through environmental impact insights
  • Identify and fix code inefficiencies to optimize resource consumption
  • Receive automated code sustainability recommendations
  • Streamline cloud transitions with green advantages
  • Optimize operational costs, performance, and resiliency
  • Track the ESG impact of software in real time

Enhance Your Business With ...

Green Impact Score Insights

  • Automatically assess software's environmental impact
  • Measure and improve your software's sustainability over time
  • Understand how code quality and usage influence your Green Impact Score
  • Gain insights to guide greener decisions and reduce carbon footprint
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Strengthen Your Business With ...

Insights Into Green Deficiencies

  • Identify code inefficiencies that cause unnecessary resource utilization
  • Pinpoint energy-draining code patterns with modernization guidance
  • Optimize code to maximize performance
  • Receive guidance on remediation strategies and estimated effort
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Optimize Your Business With ...

Automated Recommendations

  • Prioritize applications to improve green impact
  • Identify quick wins and understand sustainability benefits
  • Streamline eco-friendly software initiatives with data-driven guidance
  • Effortlessly enhance software's environmental performance
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Track Your Business Progress With ...

Green Impact Trends

  • Provide executive visibility into green initiatives
  • Continuously monitor application portfolios
  • Gain insights into the progress of your software's sustainability journey
  • Visualize your software's environmental performance improvements over time
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Differentiate In Your Industry With ...

Industry Benchmarks

  • Compare your software's green impact with anonymized industry benchmarks
  • Evaluate your application's sustainability relative to industry peers
  • Discover areas for improvement by examining industry-specific insights
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Elevate Your Business With ...

Cloud Readiness

  • Set a roadmap for cloud migration and modernization
  • Leverage public cloud platforms to embrace infrastructure sustainability
  • Guide maturity toward cloud-native services
  • Develop container strategy for legacy applications
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Special Bonus

The VP of IT’s Guide to Transforming Your Business

When you book an appointment to learn more about Green Impact IQ, you’ll receive a complimentary bonus to kickstart your transformation journey. The VP of IT’s Guide to Transforming Your Business is a comprehensive guide that provides expert insights in four key areas: cloud strategy, data, DevOps, and product development.

Explore how to...

  • Prepare your organization for a cloud transformation
  • Manage data pipelines that are undiscoverable, unreliable, and/or unrepeatable
  • Lay the foundations of data governance and management
  • Deploy production code quickly and reliably
  • Take advantage of modern infrastructure and automation
  • Accelerate time to market with new teams and leadership
  • Align IT teams and stakeholders
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