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As a marketer you’re used to things moving quickly. But, with the entire world undergoing unprecedented change, it can be overwhelming for you, your business, and your customers. So, how do you identify what your customers need and how you can help? Now more than ever, audience intelligence is the key.

Audience intelligence is about understanding your target customers, their needs, what resonates with them, and how you can reach them. Many of us think we know our customers, yet the more we need to reach new audiences or serve existing ones whose priorities change (as they certainly are now), the more we struggle.

Join Eric Enge (Digital Marketing Principal, Perficient) and Rand Fishkin (Co-Founder & CEO, SparkToro) for this live webinar on May 7th to learn:

  • New and traditional methods for gathering information about your target customers
  • Tactics for gaining a better understanding of your customers and their changing needs
  • How to use audience intelligence to optimize your marketing now and down the road
  • Tools to help you get the intel you need to be successful
  • And more!