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Unleash Business Value With Cutting-Edge Cloud Capabilities

Discover a world of possibilities with our diverse cloud offerings. From multicloud strategies to portfolio transformation, cost management, AI, sustainability, and more – we have you covered. Our team of cloud experts will help empower your organization, drive innovation, and maximize value. Let's revolutionize your business together.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With App Modernization IQ

Are you ready to embrace digital transformation and maximize the value of your technology investments? Our App Modernization IQ helps you drive innovation and achieve more with less:

  • Optimize software health for agile changes and business growth
  • Efficiently and confidently plan cloud migration with data-driven decisions
  • Identify and control open-source risks for secure and efficient software

We leverage CAST Highlight, a leading software intelligence suite, to provide actionable insights and a comprehensive modernization plan. Our expert team of cloud strategists, solution architects, and app engineers will ensure a successful engagement that delivers cloud-first and cloud-native solutions.

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Maximize Efficiency With Our Cloud FinOps IQ

Unlock significant cost savings and optimize your cloud investments with our Cloud FinOps IQ. During this four-week engagement, we collaborate with your stakeholders to:

  • Analyze spending trends and identify cost drivers
  • Develop a comprehensive cost optimization plan
  • Target a 15-30% reduction in cloud operational spend

We partner with CloudBolt, a leader in cloud cost optimization and security, to provide intelligent analysis, remediation, and optimization across cloud platforms, along with cloud-native monitoring services for a comprehensive view of your investment over time to achieve an effective FinOps strategy.

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Drive Environmental Initiatives With Our Green Impact IQ

Achieve application modernization while reducing costs and increasing your organization's environmental sustainability with our Green Impact IQ. Experience the following benefits:

  • Minimize your workload’s carbon footprint by up to 80% with sustainable technologies
  • Leverage Green Software analysis to identify and address environmental deficiencies in your code
  • Achieve application modernization and enhance performance
  • Reduce costs by optimizing resource usage and infrastructure

We partner with CAST Highlight for intelligent assessment and collaborate closely with you to drive impactful change and deliver cloud-first and cloud-native solutions.

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Empower Your Cloud Journey With Our Comprehensive Guides

Our comprehensive public cloud, multicloud, and hybrid cloud solutions cater to the unique needs of your organization. Our approach encompasses cloud strategy, foundational infrastructure, application modernization, data modernization, interoperability, and API management. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, and more, we deliver effective solutions for almost any strategic scenario.

Discover our thought leadership and expert guidance through our curated guides, designed to empower IT leaders and organizations on their cloud transformation journey.

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VP of IT’s Guide to Transforming Your Business

Navigate the complex landscape of modern technology with our comprehensive guide that offers practical solutions across four crucial areas: cloud strategy, data, DevOps, and product development. Transform IT organizations for the cloud, establish robust data governance, streamline code deployment, and foster alignment among teams and stakeholders. Download now for actionable insights and stay ahead of the competition.

IT Leader’s Guide to Multicloud Readiness

Dive into the world of multicloud with our comprehensive guide that offers valuable insights and expert guidance on how to develop a robust multicloud strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Overcome the challenges of cost optimization, expedite workload deployment, and establish reliability in your multicloud ecosystem. Download the guide and get started on your journey to successful multicloud adoption.

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